Citizen Bitcoin

Citizen Bitcoin

Dedicated to being sovereign citizens of bitcoin. Sharing our journey learning bitcoin hoping it makes yours a bit easier.

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    E10: The Technical Foundation of Bitcoin Maximalism

    Brady reads through and discusses three recent Twitter threads that explain the technical foundation of bitcoin maximalism: bitcoin is a protocol for the transfer of value over the internet and the history of internet protocols demonstrates that only one will win.

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    E9: Ethereum: Is it a Security? Is it Secure?

    Tommy and Brady take a look at Ethereum, discuss the debate about whether or not it is a security in the United States, summarize its history with the other kind of security and compare it to Bitcoin.

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    E8: Basis and Stable Coins, Hodl Waves, Global Fiat Debt Record

    Tommy and Brady discuss Basis' critique of Bitcoin and the alternative solution it is offering, discuss stable coins in general, take a look at data analysis of Hodl Waves and discuss the record global fiat debt of $164 trillion.

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    E7: The Bitcoin Standard, Bitcoin Scaling, Sidechains

    Tommy and Brady discuss tweets that caught our attention this week about sidechains, The Bitcoin Standard book, bitcoin maximalism, and an interesting Lightning Network use case idea. We take a look at the bitcoin price and at why Roger Ver is wrong about scaling bitcoin.

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    E5: Energy Usage, Time Preference, Petro and Telegram

    Tommy and Brady discuss Bitcoin's energy usage, how it incentivizes renewable energy, the Petro and Telegram ICOs, time preference, a visualization of the history of bitcoin development, a cypherpunk research archive and the current BTC price.

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    E4: Mining Bullish, Bitcoin Dinosaurs, Lightning Network

    Tommy and Brady discuss bitcoin news from the past week, including Switzerland's ICO regulations, Charlie Munger's hatred of bitcoin, feeding chicks with the Lightning Network, and the latest price action. We take a look at how the bitcoin main chain works and why we need the lightning network.